Access Opportunity



Access Opportunity invests in high-potential, low-income students, from high school through college, so that they can have impactful careers and lead change in the lives of individuals and communities. By providing personalized services, support, grants, and career opportunities, we ensure that talented and motivated students have the tools to succeed.

Partnering with high schools in the greater Denver Metro area, we identify students for our program and start working with them in 10th grade. Through our academic advising and tutoring, our students average cumulative GPAs increase by .12+ points and our average ACT scores are raised by 4+ points.

All our seniors are accepted to 4-year colleges. Through our financial aid and scholarship advising, as well as a $10,000 college scholarship we provide each student, our students only owe $2,170 per year of college, on average, out of an average college cost of $59,087.

Once in college, our students transition to a career development program characterized by networking, job shadowing, and internship opportunities. Throughout our students’ time with us, we also focus on our Family Engagement program, to partner with families on their students’ success by providing educational workshops and other resources. Please visit our website for more information.

Our Partnership

Starting in January 2018, Denver Test Prep will provide small group ACT courses to all Access Opportunity 11th graders. Students will take the April ACT and will also have the opportunity to continue for more tutoring towards the June test.