College Track

CT_logoCollege Track is a national education nonprofit that empowers students from underserved communities to reach their dreams of a college degree. Our mission is to close the achievement gap and create college-going cultures for students who are historically and currently under-represented in higher education.

We actively engage students over the course of eight years, from the summer before high school through college graduation. Our students join College Track with limitless aspirations and we provide them with a comprehensive program and encouraging learning environment that empowers them to succeed. 100% of our seniors graduate from high school, more than 90% are admitted to a four-year university, and 75% of our college students are currently enrolled, or have graduated from, college (whereas, nationally, the college graduation rate of low-income students is 22%). Over 85% of our students will be the first person in their family to earn a college degree.

To learn more about College Track, please visit their website.

Our Partnership

For the past two years, Denver Test Prep has provided small group ACT courses and individualized tutoring to all College Track juniors. The 9-month program begins in September and concludes after the official state-wide ACT held in April. Last year, the 50+ students participating in the College Track program achieved a median increase of 4 points on their ACT composite score.