DTP President Dan Koken on Daybreak, Channel 2 on KWGN

Denver Test Prep President and Founder, Dan Koken, was on Channel 2 news to share a few tips on getting ready for finals. Check out the video below!

Key tips shared to help students get ready for final exams include the following:

  • Know the exam structure and what will be tested
    • Big difference between multiple choice, matching, short response, and essay.
    • Talk with your teacher about the best resources to use for studying.
  • Start studying early
    • Cramming for multiple finals is difficult
    • Start early by building a plan
    • Beginning early lets you be strategic about your time/energy investment
  • Form a study group
    • 3 to 4 students max
    • Group needs structure; have a goal when you study
    • Choose your group and location carefully to make sure you’re going to actually study
    • Everyone has a responsibility to each other: push each other to succeed.
  • Get quizzed frequently
    • Turn your study guide into a quiz or test
    • Too many students simply “consume” material; make sure you “produce” the material like you’ll be asked to do on test day.
    • Retrieval = Learning
  • Sleep!

    • Make sure you’re getting enough sleep before finals so you’re fresh on test day