Denver Academy Admissions and Application Process

Denver Academy Facts

Denver Academy
4400 E. Iliff Ave., Denver
Grades: 1-12
Admissions: (303) 777-5161 or visit

Denver Academy Required Entrance Exam(s)

Denver Academy requires all applicants to submit testing results from the following:

• Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC V), including complete report and with all sub-tests including comprehension (administered within the last 3 years)
• One (1) Academic Achievement Test administered within the current school year.  Choose from:  Woodcock-Johnson Achievement Test III or IV (WJ), Wechsler Individual Achievement Test III (WIAT), or Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement-3 (KTEA).  

Denver Academy Application Deadline

For specific admissions information and specific dates, email or visit