For students with identified learning differences such as dyslexia or ADHD, the standardized testing format may not be ideal, and students can request special testing accommodations to better meet their individual needs. It is important to pursue testing accommodations well in advance of the scheduled standardized exam, both to ensure the request is processed and approved in time, but also to ensure a student’s accommodations are incorporated into the study approach and strategy for each test the student takes.

Denver Test Prep (DTP) offers customized tutoring to meet the individual needs of students and to incorporate accommodation needs into the student’s test preparation study plan and strategy. DTP tutors are experienced in supporting students with a variety of needs and accommodation qualifications.

The ACT offers a variety of special testing accommodations for students taking the exam at a school, including:

• Extended time
• Testing over multiple days
• Alternate test formats (braille, DVDs, or a reader)
• Use of a scribe or computer for the writing test

The requests for ACT National Standard Time with Accommodations and National Extended Time Testing are available at

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