I Have a Dream Foundation

IHAD_Boulder_LogoThe “I Have a Dream” program is a long-term and year-round program that works with the same group of children from their elementary school years through college. One-hundred percent of the Dreamers are low-income: they either live in low-income public housing projects, or they are eligible for the federal free and reduced lunch program at their school. “I Have a Dream” does not pick the “cream of the crop” or the children most “at risk.” Every project casts a broad net, giving each child, regardless of ability, an equal opportunity to achieve his/her academic and career goals.

Our Partnership

In the fall of 2014, Denver Test Prep provided ACT prep training to I Have A Dream staff members that ran their in-house ACT prep program. The program was further supported in the spring of 2015 with a limited number of targeted ACT prep sessions delivered by Denver Test Prep staff to help supplement the in-house test prep program.