Parents worry. We’d like to help with that.

Below are five of the most common questions and concerns we hear from parents and legal guardians. For additional information, please check out our extensive FAQ.

1. Can I observe tutoring sessions? How involved should I be in my child’s tutoring program?

Yes. Parents and legal guardians are welcome to observe and even participate in tutoring sessions. However, we encourage you to thoughtfully consider what will be most effective for the student when making your decision about how involved to be in your child’s tutoring program. Teenagers and many other students have historically performed better when they take ownership over their own tutoring program and have some control over scheduling and homework assignments. That being said, you know your child best and should work with them to figure out what role is best for your particular situation.

2. How does Denver Test Prep pick which tutor will work with my child?


Our aim is to ensure that your child will be able to work with a single tutor for the duration of his or her tutoring program.  While you may choose to vary the days and times of your lessons each week, your student’s expected schedule is an important factor in the matching process.

Special Needs

For students with learning disabilities or other special needs, we do our best to match them with tutors who have had formal training and/or experience working with students with similar needs in the past.


Students and tutors spend a great deal of time together, so it is important that they get along!  While we take personality factors into account with all of our students, we have found this to be particularly important for children and teenagers.  Is your son or daughter an athlete, musician, or aspiring world traveler?  In addition to being great teachers, our tutors are an exceptionally well-rounded group of individuals with a diverse set of backgrounds and interests. We do our best to pair each student with a tutor who shares their interests and can serve as a role model, as well as an instructor.

Requests for a specific tutor

New students that have been referred to us by a friend, family member, or other acquaintance frequently request a specific tutor by name.  We do our best to accommodate these requests if the tutor is available and is the right fit for your situation.

3. Why should I trust your tutor with my child?

At Denver Test Prep, we have a rigorous screening process when selecting our tutors.  Historically, we have hired only 10% of applicants who met the following minimum requirements:

  • Test score in the top 2% of test takers on an official test administration for any test they wish to teach
  • Graduate of a top 4-year college or university
  • Minimum of 2 years teaching and/or tutoring experience
  • No criminal history, verified by an official background check

4. I have more than one child that requires tutoring.  What can Denver Test Prep offer me in this situation?

At Denver Test Prep, we strive to form lasting relationships with our students and their families.  We recognize that purchasing private tutoring for multiple children can be an expensive proposition and that family dynamics can at times make the tutoring relationship more complex. When working with families our priority is to make sure that each individual student is matched with the tutor that is right for them.  Often times this means that you will have different tutors assigned to each of your children.  In some situations, you may have the opportunity to have a single tutor work with multiple children.  We will inform you during the matching process if we have a tutor available that we feel is qualified to work with more than one of your children.  You will then have the opportunity to decide whether you prefer a single tutor or multiple tutors for your family.

5. Does Denver Test Prep offer admissions consulting?

No.  While we are experts in helping students to improve their performance on standardized tests and to craft effective admissions essays, we do not provide formal admissions consulting services.  We strongly encourage parents and students to reach out to schools directly to learn the details about their admissions requirements and interview processes. We can also recommend admissions consultants that our students have used in the past.

For answers to other questions you may have, please visit our extensive FAQ or send an email to